How operating under a manifestation mindset changed my career

You often hear people talk about manifesting something, but what does it mean? In life and in terms of business, it’s shifting your focus from what you have to what you’d like to become. Take a good hard look at yourself and your work. What needs to change? As we walk into a new year, it’s important to reevaluate and recognize what is working and what is no longer serving us.

It’s a great time to renegotiate contracts, reevaluate business priorities, and realign with your soul’s true purpose.

That purpose for me is creating intentional brands. A business that gives back to the planet we live on and is an asset to the society we live in is far more memorable to its customers than one that does not. Look, I get it. Competition can seem overwhelming at times! Whether you’re an entrepreneur or in a workplace setting looking for a promotion or contemplating negotiating a raise. Can you find something that sets what you offer apart from what others are offering?

Are you punctual; a good listening ear? What is it that you do best?

For me, the intrinsic value of any given business venture comes first and foremost from how it serves others. Both for myself and my clients, because fulfillment on both sides truly matters. If you’re unfulfilled with your work, you aren’t operating at your highest frequency. If your customers are left unfulfilled with your offerings, they won’t return. On a good day, what leaves you feeling fulfilled? Write it down and remember it, because it will be important later.

For me, the thing that gives me the most fulfillment in my work is when I’m helping others. As a small business owner, I saw a lot of creative skills that I had to offer other business owners to help them bring their brand to the next level. I quickly learned how to operate my business with a manifestation mindset. The phrase “I wish” has always been on the tip of my tongue. “I wish there was a place like this,” or “I wish there was a service like that.”

I began creating the things I wished existed.

And I haven’t stopped since! It has been hard work, but doing what you are passionate about and operating under a manifestation mindset that what you put out into the world will come back to you truly changes how fulfilling your work can be. It may not feel like it in the present moment, or right now, but you have to remember that you’re working towards what you were always meant to be.

All you’re really doing is making things happen.

xoxo, @michaelavelarde

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