Did you know the silent steps you take in business vibrate with the highest frequency?

I remember a time before I became a business owner. I was an employee. I had an average level of happiness and free time. I was blindly confident and optimistic. I’m not saying that any of those traits have vanished from my personality; but around them, I’ve built a more solid and realistic foundation. Being a business owner encompasses so many roles and responsibilities that a non-business owner can’t even begin to fathom.

Before, I used to loudly boast my accomplishments. Now, I silently run my own business from home.

What I am saying right now may sound counter-intuitive to the content of this blog, but I can’t confess to having these feelings when writing about this journey. Sleepless nights working on the small details that go into building a successful brand. The behind-the-scenes stuff that nobody thinks about. Developing new ideas and finding creative solutions to big problems. Doing several jobs simultaneously.

I’ve come to learn that the silent steps you take towards your goals vibrate with the highest frequency.

The closest thing I can relate it to is being a parent. The small stuff you do that nobody sees. The dishes you wash, the laundry you fold, the toys you pick up. You don’t think about all the little things that go into a specific job, you just do them every day. The only time anyone notices the value of the work you’ve been doing is when you stop doing it.

The purpose of doing these things isn’t for recognition. It isn’t so that you can go on strike and say ‘look how much I do for you.’ It’s an organic thing. You clean up your house because it creates a more peaceful atmosphere. You pick up after your dog while out on a walk because it’s the responsible thing to do. You take out the trash because it’s just something that has to be done. Running a business is the same way.

Those silent steps you take are what can transform a mediocre business into a great one.

Part of what I do as a content creator are those little steps. Things that may seem easy or insignificant to others. Stuff like planning social media posts, creating visual content, and making necessary changes based on customer feedback. And with each little step, I see improvements being made.

So the question today is how do you add value to those little steps? What is each step’s worth?

How do you quantify something that is part of your everyday? It’s difficult to say the least. The best way to determine value in today’s world is through monetary gains. But what other value do those little steps hold in your life? Think back to the pet owner picking up after their dog, what value does that action hold? The best answer I’ve found is that it is proactive. It shows initiative.

If each step you take in business is towards being proactive, it will eliminate the need to be reactive.

If you think through the next ten steps, it can help you get where you’re going quicker, easier, and with less bumps along the way. My intention for today is to continue taking the silent steps to the place I hope to be. I’m focused on moving forward. I plan the steps ahead out so that I can avoid the road blocks. But there will always be times that each of us stumble. The goal is to get back up and keep moving on.

With every step you take, you’re growing stronger and stronger each day and moving towards your goals.

What are some silent steps you can start taking today in your life or business to reach that higher frequency?

xoxo, @michaelavelarde

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