How saying “No” more frequently can free up your time for a more fulfilling “Yes.”

How do we find a delicate balance between work and life? The best answer is to be willing to say “No” more frequently. This doesn’t mean that you should turn down every opportunity that comes your way, but it’s important to be mindful when agreeing to doing something new.

It’s okay to say “let me think about it” or “let me run the numbers and get back to you.”

There will be a lot of great opportunities that come your way, but the timing with which that opportunity enters your life, the amount of energy and money you have to support it, and where you’re at physically and mentally also play a large role in your success. This same mindset can be applied to not only business ventures, but career changes, family life, and more.

The question we need to ask ourselves is “How much is enough?” Imagine your life like a plate of food in front of you. How much are you able to take on? If you keep over-filling your plate, what you’ve agreed to will turn into a giant heap. It will be messy, and you’ll end up feeling upset, tired, and frankly a little bloated.

If opportunity is like a buffet, you can be okay with taking only what you need, knowing that you can always return.

There will always be opportunities awaiting you when you’re ready for more. A big disadvantage we have with social media is the constant reminder of what our competition is doing. However, the average person tends to forget that you don’t want to be doing what the competition is doing, otherwise you’ll never set yourself apart from anyone else.

I challenge you starting this week to put only the things on your plate that speak to your soul.

Do what makes you happy, don’t try to imitate others. If you struggle with saying “No,” to opportunity, and are constantly feeling overburdened, try focusing on what you truly want to accomplish. What are your personal goals? Write them down. Being authentic in choosing your opportunities will help you in the decision-making process of when and how to say “No.”

I hope this advice will help you to feel more at ease with saying “No” so that each “Yes” you agree to is more fulfilling. It is hard to look a good opportunity in the eye and turn it down, but in these moments, try to imagine the plate analogy. I’ve implemented limiting what I put on my plate this year, and in a short amount of time it has done wonders for me.

I hope you’ll try it out.

xoxo, @michaelavelarde

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